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Welcome to The Outliers Inn; a podcast where respectful irreverence and self-deprecating humor is the order of the day! It’s a place where we can be a lot less serious about ourselves, what we do, what our businesses do, and the manner in which they do it. The Outliers Inn is always serving up juicy morsels, treats, and tidbits – but you have to bring your own legal beverage of choice.

Whether you are in finance, sales, logistics, production. operations, human resources. facilities management. information technology – whatever your role might be – business people are always taking themselves too seriously – or are taken too seriously by others. 

All that ends here.

We are welcoming, inclusive, and open to all comers and invited guestsWe encourage people from diverse backgrounds and experiences to keep the conversations fresh and rich with wisdom. And we strive to create a warm, casual and safe environment; so come as you are and be who you are.

Some of the banter is fun and refreshing, some of it is rather flat and stale. In any case, it’s always genuine. Whatever you choose, we’ll provide reliably amateur and random input which will occasionally leave the conversation obfuscated and declarified. The show is recorded, not live – and we eagerly await your moment in the glare of the audio spotlight to share what’s on your mind.

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Episode 38 – Join Antlerboy and JP in their first three-way.

Posted on
About the Podcast Topic: Although fraught with great peril, our intrepid hosts open-up the podcast to call-ins.  What can go wrong?  Well, everything can go wrong.  But in spite of the incredible odds, our first call-in episode went rather well.  So well, in fact, that the call-in format will be our new standard format for the show. In this first call-in episode, we will discuss…
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Episode-59; Introducing “Mule”

Posted on
Video Version About the podcast Although The Outliers Inn is sad to see the departure of Antlerboy as co-host, as they say; “the show must go on.” So in this special episode of The Outliers Inn, we introduce David “Mule” Schneider who will join JP as the new co-host. We talk about how we met over LinkedIn and got to know one another some decade-plus…
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travel covid-19 corona

Episode-56; Travel Adventures During COVID

Posted on
Recorded: October 26, 2020 About the podcast Welcome to another “open mic” edition at The Outliers Inn with JP and stand-in co-host Don Burshnick who has co-hosted enough episodes that he can be considered the co-co-host.  JP and Don start-off the conversation by sharing how refreshing it is to get back out in the field and doing some face-to-face work after being largely confined to…
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Episode 8 – Operational excellence in Government – an impossible dream?

Posted on
About the Podcast Topic: Despite Benjamin’s protestations, the pair and their illustrious guest is brought down by the challenges of operational excellence in Government. Ed Straw, former PwC partner, think tank and national relationship counselling organisation board member, and author of Stand & Deliver: A Design for Successful Government, talks about the need for a systemic focus on results. We hope that all who are seeking…
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episode 53 ladies night

Episode – 53; Lady’s Night

Posted on
Recorded: July 14, 2020 About the podcast Topic: Okay, the notion was noble, but the presentation might have been better.  If this was an episode of Master Chef with Antlerboy and JP being the wanna-be cooks, we would certainly have presented a repulsive-looking dish, but it tasted darn good. So here’s the story;  Antlerboy and JP had noticed that all of the guests at The…
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Episode-58; Changing of the Guard

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Recorded: December 20, 2020 About the podcast This will be a bitter-sweet episode at The Outliers Inn.  It’s the episode where Antlerboy (aka Benjamin Taylor) announces his retirement from pouring drinks and serving slop as co-host at the Inn.  Between his part-time gig at the Inn and his other interests and pursuits (including running his companies, other podcasts that he produces, and writing a book),…
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