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Welcome to The Outliers Inn; a podcast where respectful irreverence and self-deprecating humor is the order of the day! It’s a place where we can be a lot less serious about ourselves, what we do, what our businesses do, and the manner in which they do it. The Outliers Inn is always serving up juicy morsels, treats, and tidbits – but you have to bring your own legal beverage of choice.

Whether you are in finance, sales, logistics, production, operations, human resources, facilities management, or information technology – whatever your role might be – business people are always taking themselves too seriously – or are taken too seriously by others. 

All that ends here.

We are welcoming, inclusive, and open to all comers and invited guestsWe encourage people from diverse backgrounds and experiences to keep the conversations fresh and rich with wisdom. And we strive to create a warm, casual and safe environment; so come as you are and be who you are.

Some of the banter is fun and refreshing, some of it is rather flat and stale. In any case, it’s always genuine. Whatever you choose, we’ll provide reliably amateur and random input which will occasionally leave the conversation obfuscated and declarified. The show is recorded, not live – and we eagerly await your moment in the glare of the audio spotlight to share what’s on your mind.

Meet the hosts

JP is a thought leader and prolific writer on the subject of Operational Excellence, highly valued for his ability to provide strategic analysis and tactical insight. He’s also a clown that likes to be easily amused whenever time is not the enemy. Hah!

Mule is an outlier.  After 22 years in retail Supply Chain Management, Mule launched his small supply chain consulting “Enterprise” into the 2008 financial melt’s stormy waters.  Thirteen years and 80+ clients later, Mule has stories to share.


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