Episode 11 – What is Truth?

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About the Podcast

Topic: There are laws of nature, which are absolute.  If we find an error in these laws, it is not nature which is wrong, but our understanding of nature that is wrong.  Compare this with laws made by man which, as such, evolve – can be bent or broken by man to suit man’s purpose.  When we hear about Lean initiatives failing, we often hear it’s because the company is not implementing “true Lean”.  But what is “true Lean”?  Can there be such a thing – such construct that is absolute?  If so, what does it look like?

Hosts:Joseph Paris, Founder of the OpEx Society & The XONITEK Group of Companies
 Benjamin Taylor,  Managing Partner of RedQuadrant.


Guests: Jay Bitsack

Jay Bitsack

About Jay: As a veteran business/technology/lean transformation leader… accrued years of demonstrated top and bottom line achievement in competitive capability development/enhancement and continuous process improvement. Across a broad spectrum of industries, worked closely w/ senior execs, transformation champions/sponsors, and front-line personnel to design/deliver solutions for improving mission-critical process performance. Led major initiatives to build new core competencies & competitive capabilities related to: CRM, SCM, ERP, TQM, TPM, e-business/collaborative commerce, lean/synchronous mfg, simultaneous/concurrent eng, new product/service innovation & commercialization, IT service mgmt/delivery, and environmental health & safety.

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