Episode 16 – Agile development in the public service industry.

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About the Podcast

Topic:  Join Antlerboy and JP as they talk with Matt Barnaby where they discuss the application of agile development practices in the public service industry.


Hosts:Joseph Paris, Founder of the OpEx Society & The XONITEK Group of Companies
 Benjamin Taylor,  Managing Partner of RedQuadrant.

 Matt Barnaby


About Matt: Our purpose To make things better for people, bit by bit… by bit. Our passion To transform organisations in an Agile way, developing a true improvement culture.
We are Basis: a consulting and training organisation headquartered in London, UK. After merging with RedQuadrant (www.redquadrant.com) in 2014, Basis spun off in 2016 to focus on enabling Agile delivery and building an Agile mentality and capability in the service sector with a primary focus on the public sector.
The team have been perfecting Agile approaches for public services for many years. The reason we value Agile so much is because services are about people and the essence of Agile work is a human approach to action-learning and improvement. We want to end the era of slash & burn, and salami slicing budget approaches in the public sector – so we offer an alternative approach. Yes, we also get the savings, but we do this through genuine improvements for clients and employees.
We unlock the potential of your employees, help your team work better, and ensure that this transformation will last. Then you won’t need us in the future. Being part of the RedQuadrant network we work with a talent pool of over forty consultants, interims and trainers. By helping you run your organisation in more effective and efficient ways, we are helping the people you are working for every day.

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