Storm Ritter, Richard Geist

Episode 25 – Storm Ritter & Richard Geist

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About the Podcast

Topic:  A Canadian (Richard Geist) with a store called, Uncle Sam’s and an ambidextrous artist (Storm Ritter) known for her “Cool People” walk into a bar. Neither drink – but alas drink in LIFE! Together, they meet to discuss their downtown, New York City take-over.

Richard, the mayor of 8th Street joins Storm, the new creative innovator on the block. Both with history of dreaming and executing, the natural-born entrepreneurs embark in co-naming their Street as Jimi Hendrix Way, while collaborating to reinvent fashion retail.

Join Antlerboy and JP in the fun as they chat with two of the most creative, colorful, and energetic guests to-date on this installment of The Outliers Inn – complete with sound effects.

Hosts:Joseph Paris, Founder of the OpEx Society & The XONITEK Group of Companies
 Benjamin Taylor,  Managing Partner of RedQuadrant, and Chief Executive of the Public Service Transformation Academy.

Guests: Storm Ritter & Richard Geist

About Storm Ritter:

Storm Ritter
Storm Ritter

STORM RITTER is an ambidextrous artist, fashion designer, and retailer located in the West Village, NYC. All artwork and apparel is painted, designed, and/or curated by Storm. She leads a crew to manufacture and sell all product in the store, allowing her to run a working studio and creative storefront. Not only does Storm physically wear a different hat every day, but she metaphorically switches hats as a painter, designer, retailer, manager, stylist, vintage curator, visual merchandiser, photographer, social media head, and visual artist. Storm has developed a brand that merges tactile art with lifestyle fashion – essentially a place to find your cool. Every piece of artwork and/or clothing in her shop/studio has been designed, manufactured, or curated by Storm, allowing her to spread her style to all consumers. Storm’s surrealistic painting style is created due to her ability to sculpt color with both hands.The most popular motif called “The Cool People” appears in the majority of her clothing and artwork. The right hand creates the structure, left hand contributes the emotion. “The Cool People” are about the identity of cool – every “cool person” is is unique, just like people.


About Richard Geist: 

Richard Geist
Richard Geist

RICHARD GEIST originally hails from Toronto, Canada.

Richard grew up with two older brothers and two very unique parents. His father was a well known and respected businessman in the community and was very supportive of his three sons.

His creative inclination eventually led him to the fashion world. He had a different vision than his father’s typical Army Navy store. He decided to take military surplus and vintage clothing to the more fashion conscious public. His mission statement was “Bring Army Surplus to the People”. He moved to Buffalo, New York to develop a wholesale division and later decided to go directly to the consumer by opening retail stores. He also launched a fashion website back in the late 90’s when AOL was just a dial up service.

He moved to NYC where he opened three stores. His Greenwich Village location is legendary- especially since it is one of the few retail stores that has survived for over 20 years. It is a destination for fashion designers, stylists, photographers, Broadway community, students, tourists, people looking to dress up for Halloween, and music and art festival participants. Richard’s goal is to take surplus clothing that would otherwise end up in landfills and re-purpose them and recycle them. Uncle Sam’s was the “Original Green”.

Richard has always believed in giving back in life. Because he has a “special needs” brother, he has learned to be patient and to try to help others.

Because of the nature of the inventory (lots of wool coats), it was a simple way to give back and help others. Richard is constantly donating and conducting coat drives for people in need. He has done so privately by giving coats and blankets to pastors who have come to him for their congregations, and in a more official way having run a coat drive for NY Cares for 3 years. He is always willing to send supplies to people who have been hit by natural disaster such as Katrina and Sandy.

Richard is big hearted and believes in sharing whether it is time, money, or energy. Richard has been an active Board Member of the Village Alliance – the local BID for more than 10 years. He has mentored many young entrepreneurs as well as giving Internet strategy sessions to local businesses. Richard is known as the mayor of 8th Street (that’s where his store is located) for he is always the first one to welcome new  people and businesses and offer them assistance and advice. If he sees another retailer struggling, he tries to help.

Richard may be living in New York but his Canadian values and morality are still intact. He is friendly, courteous, and helpful to all.


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