Episode 35 – Don Burshnick – Don-kwondo

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About the Podcast

Topic: We welcome Don Burshnick, President of Alpha-1 Technologies LLC to “The Outliers Inn”, where we will learn of the importance of preventative maintenance and the conflict that exists between maintaining equipment so that it runs in an optimal state and a company’s reluctance to invest in the proper maintenance of their equipment and being satisfied with keeping their machines running, even if they are producing crap.  An we will learn of a new discipline in martial arts – called “Don-kwondo” where the kata’s are trained, but it’s also acceptable (even encouraged) to have an occasional Scotch and cigar.

Hosts:Joseph Paris, Founder of the OpEx Society & The XONITEK Group of Companies
 Benjamin Taylor,  Managing Partner of RedQuadrant.

 Don Burshnick

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Company: Alpha 1 Technologies

About Don: Don has worked in manufacturing for over 30 years. Starting on the bench and working his way up to running his own business.

Always looking for improvement. He has embraced quality systems from TQM to ISO 9000. He’s applied many of the theories and procedures to assist companies in improving their machine maintenance and operating procedures.

Machine failure and downtime can really affect the bottom line, and  maintaining a balance of good operating procedures and maintenance can save thousands of dollars over the course of time.

Mechanical assembly of Through Hole (PTH) or Surface Mount (SMT) carries with it numerous points of failure. Maintaining the process from purchasing to the manufacturing floor with open lines of communication can mean the difference between chasing the competition and being the competition.

His goal is to establish standards for maintenance and process flow to fit into the new and ever changing manufacturing environment.

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