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Episode 50 – Coming Out Of COVID-19 – Gold Anniversary Episode

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Recorded: May 4, 2020

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Topic: Antlerboy and JP celebrate the 50th episode of The Outliers Inn.  The theme of today’s show is “coming out of COVID-19” and we will be talking about our plans for re-entering society after government-imposed lockdowns.  JP, being blessed with abundant hair even with his years, shares that his first thing will be to get a haircut and to resupply on cigars which he has been without for some time.

Oli from Germany is our first guest and boasts that he has shaved and is debating whether to use a pot and self-cut the top.  He is looking forward to re-engaging his clients, but in the interim he just received seven TONS of cement to re-do his basement; remember 3-2-1.

Next up is Isaac from New York City but presently in North Carolina.  Besides promising to give JP his ’67 Mustang Ragtop, he’s working on the rehabilitation of a house in North Carolina and laying down 2,000sf of tigerwood flooring.  He is also helping to launch his daughter’s business doing temporary tattoos G-Tat.

Stephane from France joins us and confesses that he has cut his hair himself.  He did the best he could, but managed to cut a couple bald-spots.  But it’s growing back and he is no longer embarrassed to go outside.  Stephane shares that he believes telephony will play a larger roll in daily goings-on in the business – but he’s looking forward to expanding the talent pool as telephony frees businesses to hire talent wherever they might be.

Don “the beer man” enters the fray from Upstate New York.  The lockdown has been more severe there than in many other places in the States including counting how many customers can go into the grocery stores.  The City of Binghamton has a 10pm curfew.  Why?  Nobody knows.  His business has not been severely impacted, but there is a backlog of engagements which will keep him busy.

There is a serving of fresh fish at the Inn.  Jason joins us from North Carolina and shares how he has been building a network in the Space Industry – that’s outer space, not commercial office or retail space.  His mission it to “make space boring” in that he would like to see space travel become as routine as any other mode of travel.

And there is another serving of fresh fish at the in with Dan from Iowa joining us.  Being in higher education, he shares with us how telephony has become ubiquitous in the delivery of classes – even though Dan has been using telephony before it was cool.  Like Stephane, he believes telephony is here to stay.

A darn good episode – and a fine way to celebrate our 50th episode at The Outliers Inn. We are sure you will enjoy it.

Hosts:Joseph Paris, Founder of the OpEx Society & The XONITEK Group of Companies
 Benjamin Taylor,  Managing Partner of RedQuadrant.

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