Episode – 54; A Varied but Interconnected Conversation

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Recorded: August 3, 2020

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Topic: One of our regular guests, Don Burshnick, stands-in for Antlerboy and takes his place behind the bar – somewhere at which he is all too familiar and steps right into the roll.

We start the evening off with a discussion about SpaceX and the successful completion of their manned mission to the International Space Station marked by the safe return to Earth of the astronauts aboard. From launch to splashdown, the mission was as perfect as any mission ever was – kudos to Team SpaceX.

This episode finds us with an eclectic group of characters who have traveled far and wide to join us at The Outliers Inn. The conversation that is had is varied, but interconnected. And we learn a bit about the “Requisite Agility Movement” which seems to be the thread that binds most of the guests.

Our first guest is Geordie who starts off the conversation from Fairfield Connecticut and has put aside his work in the garden for a spell to spend some time and share some thoughts with us. He has been out of work for a while because of COVID. He has been honing his skills and capabilities by participating in the “Requisite Agility Movement” and creating his own particular flavor of analysis he calls the “structures of work”.

Kyle joins us from El Paso Texas where he has been for 10 years. He is also participating in the “Requisite Agility Movement” and shares that he is a bit brain-dead from preparing for the PGMP Exam. He is currently working on the transit infrastructure program as part of the transition team.

Anne joins the conversation all the way from London. And shares with us the current state of COVID in the UK and related goings-on. But she is not interested in sharing her thoughts about COVID and masks (or not), but rather wants to “share her feminist agenda” (rut-roh). Ann shares with us her thoughts regarding social contracts and what is expected (either implied or stated) of each of us to be a part of society.

Mario calls in from even further – Pretoria South Africa – and shares with us his evaluation work in complicated systems and the challenges with the eGovernment strategy in South Africa. His work involves getting people to understand what others are saying and mapping the relationships – especially between management and workers.

JP is remise his primary responsibility when it comes to the introduction of our next guest; Aiden who joins us from London. Aiden shares with us perspectives on artistry, specifically movies with some of his thoughts on two of JP’s most favorite movies; “The Sting” and “Twelve Angry Men”

Come listen in – the group conversation at the end is especially engaging.

Hosts:Joseph Paris, Founder of the OpEx Society & The XONITEK Group of Companies
 Benjamin Taylor,  Managing Partner of RedQuadrant.

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