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Episode-62; Getting the jab, optical rip-offs, mentoring, and getting back to nature

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getting the jab

In this episode, JP starts by sharing his lack of “readiness” for his latest trip to the States when he was called to a project in Florida. You see, he had packed for February and March in Upstate New York (where winter attire is the call of the day) and not Florida (where its darn hot in comparison); forcing him to either buy suitable clothes or melt.

Meanwhile, Mule shares that he got his “jab” and JP shares that he has also. Mule reported being tired afterwards while JP complained of a headache and buzzing in his ears for a couple of days as the newly implanted chip synched with the 5G network and caused him to pee his pants a little every time his mobile phone rang or when he used the microwave.

JP also shares that he had his long overdue eye exam (it had been 7yrs). The exam itself was rather uneventful and had no surprises, but his eyes nearly bugged out of his head when he was told it was going to be $950 for two pairs of glasses – and that was with a “buy-one/get-one special” offer; and it was going to take three weeks to get them. Fridiculous.

So JP contacted a friend who gets his glasses online and was very satisfied – so JP decided to give it a try. A mere 10 days and $350 later, JP had his two pairs of glasses (one pair of which, he is wearing on the podcast).

Moral of the story; don’t waste your money at an optical, go online!

clean kitchen

This brings our first guest, Doug, who is recently retired. Unlike a previous guest who was recently retired and thought it a good idea to “optimize” his wife’s kitchen, Doug has decided to be a mentor and resource for business and industrial and systems engineering to those in school or early in their careers. Good man, there. We are sure his efforts will be rewarding.

Don “The Beerman” makes an on-camera guest visit (although he is drinking wine). JP called him to help on the project in Florida and they are sharing a company-owned house. Zoom has its benefits, for sure. But there is nothing like seeing things first hand to add the extra details that are often necessary to get the complete picture and the ideas flowing.

nature technology

Esther joins us again from Sweden and is fast becoming a welcome regular. She shares that she is working on building a new career that finds her with working with people from all over the world. She is creating a network of people to help people go back to nature and reconnect with and embrace nature. She shares how she and her network believe that technology can help people achieve this ambition and get back to their roots; that nature and technology are not incompatible. And, ultimately, the more we connect with ourselves, the more that we can understand that we create is full-circle.

Come give a listen. There is a lot of good stuff here…

Hosts:Joseph Paris, Founder of the OpEx Society & The XONITEK Group of Companies
 David Schneider, President of David K. Schneider & Company, LLC

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