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Episode-64; Planning in a VUCA World

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VUCA world

Living in a VUCA world.

Mule and JP start the show with a topic that morphs as rapidly as a cicada’s wings and which is about as irritating; the COVID rules and regulations du jour. JP shares his latest experience with traveling between Germany and the States. Whereas arriving to the States is a matter of having a right to be here (no tourists) and having a negative COVID test, going into Germany is (supposedly) more arduous. And even though JP summoned his Boy Scout skill (be prepared) and had a stack of papers at the ready in compliance with the EU/German requirements, the effort was a waste. The German Passport Control Authorities didn’t want to see any of them – it was as if everything had returned to the “before time”.

JP also shares his first experience having a chicken sandwich at Chick-Fil-A. The sandwich was okay (although JP claims he did feel the love of Jesus and ‘murica running through him with his first bite), he did marvel at the processes at the drive-though.

With our guest, Damian, the conversation then goes on to discussing the challenges facing individuals and companies alike in an environment that is full of Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity, and Ambiguity (VUCA) and what needs to be done to properly prepare.

In such an environment, slack needs to be built into any approach. Planning too tightly leaves no room for maneuver when things don’t go according to plan. Give a listen.

Hosts:Joseph Paris, Founder of the OpEx Society & The XONITEK Group of Companies
 David Schneider, President of David K. Schneider & Company, LLC

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