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Episode-66; Getting punched in the mouth

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JP and Mule have had a lot of things go not according to plan; especially over the past couple of years. And we suspect that many of our listeners have had similar experiences. As Mike Tyson famously said, “Everyone has a plan until they get punched in the mouth.” So we are going to hang our hats on this quote and let it be the theme for this episode of The Outliers Inn.

punched in the mouth

The hosts with the mosts start it off by proclaiming this episode is a plan that’s been punched in the mouth. JP thought it was supposed to be recorded on one day, Mule on another. So it was a scramble to get it recorded and, unfortunately, some of our guests didn’t make it! It seems to be that the root-cause might be the multiple channels of communication with one plan being established (or not) on one channel and another on another. JP shares that we are going to try LinkedIn Live (but that will probably be delayed).

Mule shares that his current project involves bringing a new warehouse online for a fast-growing company. And, if anyone has ever been involved in a build, you know that nothing ever goes according to plan. And with the expected opening being imminent and necessary, and still not ready for occupancy, there are a lot of punches being thrown.

And JP shares a catastrophic Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) project with a company that made custom cabinet doors. When originally contracted, the intent was to extract the knowledge that was in the father’s brain and put it in a system so his children could run the business. But within a week of signing the contract, the father died. The implementation turned into a séance and it quickly went coyote ugly from there.

Barry managed to find us in spite of our best efforts to be evasive. However, the story he shares of his experience participating in a conference is one for the ages; it all starts with his vendor booth not arriving. But what might have knocked others out only steeled Barry’s spine and with some very quick thinking and decisive decision making, he turns lemons into lemonade.

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