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Episode-69; Goals!

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In this episode, JP, Mule, and Guests talk about their goals for 2022…

But first, there has to be a little more venting of the spleen by JP as he shares the absurdity that is the theater of COVID response by his experience at the Frankfurt Christmas Market (which was at full strength this year).

You have to understand that the Frankfurt Christmas Market is huge. It’s footprint is almost a half-mile (750m) by up to 200yd/m and there are probably 50 or so ways to enter it (between roads, sidewalks, building egresses, and public transport).

The “rule” was that you had to be either vaccinated or have a negative COVID test and wear a mask. Although there was a considerable police presence, nobody checked to see if anyone was vaccinated or tested. And you didn’t have to wear a mask if you were eating, drinking, or smoking; even in the main thoroughfares.

The only time JP was asked to put on his mask was when he was entering an area to purchase a gluhwein (even though he was eating a bratwurst). He was told that he can only have his mask off if he were at a table, with the table being unseparated from the main thoroughfare except for a small wooden fence (post and rail). All theater…

But then the conversation gets back to the intended subject; goals…

JP shares that his goal for 2022 is to get more sun and warmth; complete with sand, palm trees, and the rum drinks with little umbrellas. He even wore a tropical shirt to get into the proper spirit. And the 6,000iu per day of Vitamin-D3 he is taking is not warding off the SAD.

Mule shares that his goal is to have a successful “robotics” competition with the high-school students he mentors and that his daughters continue to successfully navigate their experiences at college (Mule insisted that it is his goal, not just theirs).

And Don shares that he wants to get away to someplace tropical to relax. JP gets all excited thinking he might have a companion until Don specifies that he would be taking his wife; who also needs a break (but probably from Don).

Hosts:Joseph Paris, Founder of the OpEx Society & The XONITEK Group of Companies
 David Schneider, President of David K. Schneider & Company, LLC

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