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Episode-82; Oktoberfest

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So welcome back to The Outliers Inn!

In spite of the incredible odds that recent history has demonstrated, Mule finally gets the timing right and is able to join as the co-host. It’s just as well, because Don, “The Beer Man” is MIA for today’s episode.

Mule starts by sharing the reports of automobile break-ins throughout California are real. He was on assignment and went into a restaurant in a nice area of town and folks broke into his rental vehicle and stole his computer bag; notebook, phone, papers, all gone.
… Note to self; avoid California.

JP shares a rather peculiar habit with his dog, a female mini-poodle. She has a favorite stuffed animal and which she likes to lay into in a very friendly sort of way. And she will lay into that stuffed animal until she has “friendly sort of way’d” all of the stuffing out of it. She has gone through four of the things so far, and JP keeps a safety stock at home just in case.

Mule shares that he has been car-shopping recently for his two grown daughters, but that he has also purchased an old 1989 Ford Taurus SHO; JP is not impressed. But Mule goes on to proclaim all of the virtues of the vehicle, including its high-output motor (even if packaged in a rather boring vehicle body) and how much he loves it. To each his own, eh?

One of the maintenance crew at The Outliers Inn recently totalled his Camry (there were no injuries other than pride). It’s not so much that there was a lot of obvious damage, but the Camry was darn near 20+ years old and the repairs were more than the value of the vehicle.

But what was strange is that a new Camry was $28k while an used Camry that was four years old and had 60k+ miles on it was $21k. It begged the question (even if against conventional wisdom); why would a person buy a used car when a new was just a bit more?

Stephane also shares that he had some recent vehicle problems. And, unfortunately, the problems did not occur locally to his home, adding to the complexity of it getting repaired.

And he also shares that he will be visiting the States during the Christmas Season; stopping at sever cities on the East Coast; including Philadelphia. I hope he doesn’t leave his belongings in the car and that he takes out the insurance.


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Hosts:Joseph Paris, Founder of the OpEx Society & The XONITEK Group of Companies
 David Schneider, President of David K. Schneider & Company, LLC

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