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Episode-83; Endings and Beginnings

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Welcome to another episode of The Outliers Inn

With it being near the end of another year the theme of this episode is endings and beginnings where we will speak with our guests about what might have ended for them this past year and what they look forward to beginning in the next.

We have a few new guests at The Outliers Inn; in addition to the regular irregular Stéphane from Belgium and your cohosts JP and Mule, Donna from upstate New York and Peter from the UK have joined us. Unfortunately Don the beer man is on assignment in Milwaukee and will not be able to join us today.

The episode starts with a technical challenge with Mule dropping from the session. But as they say in theater the show must go on. So, JP begins the episode without him only to have mule rejoin a few minutes into the program.

JP shares some wisdom which he gained while seated at Bryant park in New York City having a legal beverage and listening to the music. While sitting there minding his own business a bird dropped a turd on his table. The wisdom is to refrain from looking up.

Donna shares a rather bold decision in leaving the comfort and security of a regular paycheck as a senior executive and starting her own ventures; with all the emotions that went into making that decision. And Mule shares his making a similar decision some years prior. Unlike JP who started his business when he had nothing to lose, both Donna and Mule started their businesses when they were well into adulthood and when the decision carried considerable risk.

Stéphane shared that he has moved into a senior leadership position with his company and is learning how to navigate the changes that come along with it. And JP and Stéphane shared with the guests their recent meet up in Strasbourg at the Christmas market and what a pleasure it was; and the hunt for the Strasbourg Glühwein mug.

Peter, being the only retiree on the show, is having a random wonder for what the German phrase for “Charcuterie Board” might be (it’s “Schneidebrett”. When pressed why, he shares that he is having a plate of German meats and was just wondering. He also shares how he has taken up fishing as a hobby and that he’s getting more involved in the Boy Scouts. It keeps him busy and out of trouble.

All in, an enjoyable and fun conversation.

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Hosts:Joseph Paris, Founder of the OpEx Society & The XONITEK Group of Companies
 David Schneider, President of David K. Schneider & Company, LLC

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