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EPISODE 42 – Hemp, Cannabis, Maintenance, OpEx, Chemistry and Beer

Topic: An eclectic bunch of visitors visited The Outliers Inn sharing a myriad of challenges. It was another successful Open Mic Night at The Outliers Inn.  Word is spreading of the new format of having random call-in guests is taking hold with the guests being greater in number and in energy. We start with Antlerboy and JP talking about attending and participating in conferences and…


Episode 34 – Andy Dobson

Topic: In this episode, your hosts, AntlerBoy an JP, start by lamenting the software industry and their almost arrogant – sometimes not almost arrogant – disregard for the customer and the user experience.  Not that software companies will ever change, but rather a resignation that we have to endure.  But the episode gets productive, or rather reproductive, with the introduction of Andy Dobson and his story…