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Episode-74; Travel Tips and Tricks

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About the Podcast

Welcome to another episode of “The Outliers Inn”. Today’s theme is travel tips and tricks.

travel tips and trcks

Whether by train, plane, or automobile, anyone who has traveled recently has probably experienced some level of anguish. We have seen the countless challenges people are facing broadcast on the media; flights cancelled, runways melting, soon to be lost luggage stacked to the heavens, automobile reservations taken but not held, check-in and security lines that are miles long, and so on…

It’s a wonder anyone is willing to travel at all, yet the flights are all packed and the hotels and rental cars all booked.

In this episode, the hosts at The Outliers Inn – and special sidekick Don “The Beer Man” Burshnick – being seasoned and veteran road warriors, share some of their traveling stories and the wisdom gained from their experiences.

Travel tips and tricks

Two most important nuggets of wisdom;

  1. Always allow more time than you might need such as getting to the airport early, allowing extra time for layovers, and such like. It will alleviate a lot of stress.
  2. Always have at least one back-up plan such as making sure that the last leg on your journey has a back-up flight in case yours is missed or cancelled.

There are many more tips and tricks mentioned in the show, and the stories are fun with a lot of laughs.

So come on in and give a listen.

Hosts:Joseph Paris, Founder of the OpEx Society & The XONITEK Group of Companies
 David Schneider, President of David K. Schneider & Company, LLC

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