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Episode 27 – Being an outsider with an eye for variation!

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About the Podcast

Topic:  Luca Willington has been in a position where she had to take a different perspective many times – as one of the first yogis in post-communist Romania, as an entrepreneur successfully breaking into the multi-billion international skin-care industry with natural, un-emulsified products, and also as a new arrival in Britain back in 1999. Perhaps it’s unsurprising, then, that when she heard about the work of WE Deming, she was hooked – and that Antlerboy and JP are intrigued by her move from training to marketing and her approach to organisational life.

Hosts:Joseph Paris, Founder of the OpEx Society & The XONITEK Group of Companies
 Benjamin Taylor,  Managing Partner of RedQuadrant, and Chief Executive of the Public Service Transformation Academy.

Guest: Luca Willington

About Luca: 

Luca Willington is an experienced marketeer with a proven track record of sales lead generation. She has built her skills while managing marketing functions of small and medium businesses across a variety of sectors. She enjoys the creative side of marketing, working with words and images to create compelling messages, as well as the rigorous thinking involved in maximizing the return on marketing investment.

Luca draws inspiration from continual improvement (Deming) and systems thinking, and applies statistical methods for process improvement to marketing analytics.

She likes working with small and medium size businesses and is especially interested in discovering great entrepreneurial ideas that have the makings of success. If you have a product or service with high potential, let’s start an exploratory discussion about cost-effective ways to take it to market.


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