Episode 4 – The Outliers Inn – Logistics

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About the Podcast

Topic: Logistics, what’s it all about?  It’s a lot more than that dusty warehouse scene at the end of Raiders Of The Lost Ark.  Join us as we talk about warehouse management, supply chain management, transportation and library stock management.

Hosts:Joseph Paris, Founder of the OpEx Society & The XONITEK Group of Companies
 Benjamin Taylor,  Managing Partner of RedQuadrant.

 David Schneider – We Are The Practitioners,  Ray Lally

David Schneider

About David: What is a polymath? A polymath, someone “having learned much” is a person with expertise spanning a significant spread of different subject areas, and is known to draw on complex bodies of knowledge to solve specific problems.

David Schneider is a polymath. Writer, Photographer, Builder, Logistician, Engineer, Student, Teacher, Thinker, David uses the talent of gathering skills to extend his abilities. He started his life of work as a teenaged entrepreneur; a lawn mowing business where he hired other kids to do the work while he supervised, sold and supplied the capital and equipment. In college and after David worked as an award winning newspaperman at small newspapers in the mid-west. Recognizing that his political views were career limiting, David embarked in a new direction, perusing a degree in Industrial Management, and then landing his first management position in a warehouse in Phoenix. In only 3 years Dave rose through the ranks to a position where he conducted operations research and advised the executive team of a $2 billion annual revenue retail company. Through 30 years of consulting and operations management roles, David continues to advise the chief executives of large and small going concerns, and provides personal coaching and mentorship to scores of rising managers and executives. Operating under his own independent consulting banner for the past 8 years, David continues to teach, write, speak and lead.

Ray Lally

About Ray: Now in his 50’s, Ray has worked internationally in many industries including Automotive, Pharmaceuticals, Computer manufacturing, FMCG (specifically food products), Aviation / Public Service, Financial Services and Environmental Services.  His core skill-set was developed during the almost 20 years he worked in the automotive sector, and he has honed those skills in the other areas since then.  Qualified to Masters level, he uses a broad range of techniques and approaches to enable customer value.  Much of his experience has been in Supply Chain and Logistics, and he hopes to bring that and more to the Outliers’ Inn today.

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