Year: 2015


Episode 2 – The Outliers Inn – Organizational Change: Past, Present, and Future

Topic: Who changes the change? Are we in a radical new era of thinking about organisations, or is it plus ca change, plus c’est la meme chose? Are we any better now at managing organisations – and managing change and transformation – than we were forty years ago? Or should we just stop stuffing it up? The boys chew the fat…   Hosts: Joseph Paris, Founder of the…


Episode 1 – The Outliers Inn – Leadership

Topic: What is a leader and what does leadership mean? In the continuing adventures of JP and Antlerboy, we explore the meaning and the practicalities. We fluff a joke about the perfect leader accidentally being defined as a despotic dictator, and tap a rich vein with memories of leadership lessons from high school sports coaches. And we stray into dangerous territory of leadership in the home…


Episode 0 – The Outliers Inn – Inaugural Episode

Welcome to the inaugural episode of The Outliers Inn Podcast! Topic: This is the inaugural edition, so please forgive the roughness of it – we promise to get better over time!   Pretty much just getting our feet wet, figuring out the technology, etc.   Its a bit rough around the edges at times, again inaugural episode, so please forgive the dropouts and funny audio. Your…